There is this wild perception that coffin manufacturers and sellers are the most heartless people in Ghana because they always pray for people to die so that they can profit.

Well, Kwame Marfo, one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of Kumasi Asafo Coffin, disagrees with this statement and claims that as long as they are in business, they will be hurt if someone loses their relationship.

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Speaking to Kumasi-based Angel Fm monitored by our source, he revealed that he prays for the welfare of Ghana and its citizens but claims that death is inevitable.

When asked by the host if they are happy when people die, Kwame Marfo explained, “We don’t feel happy when people die, but we always pray to God to help us do business, make money and take care of our families.

“Praying to God to help us make money doesn’t mean we want people to die or that we are happy when people die, but death is part of the human journey and no one can escape death.”

Recently, members of the association regretted that marriage has become too rare for them because of their profession.