Based on what I saw last week, I concluded that marriage is overhyped. It does not worth the stress for men.

Men should just get baby Mamas. Get someone to impregnate so they can have their own kids.

Or do not legalize any relationship with a woman. You both can stay together but never legalize it.

It was found out that a school bus driver of a school opposite my house has been sleeping with 4 parents. These are married women who are in their husband’s houses.

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He was exposed by his girlfriend who came to attack one parent with a screaming match. She even exposed the woman that the pregnancy the woman is carrying belongs to his boyfriend and not her husband.

The woman quickly drove away from that embarrassment. The lady revealed a lot.

She said they have been engaged for years but he refused to marry her. He will beat her up whenever he sees her with another guy.

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She has warned him so many times against sleeping with the parents of the school where he collects his salary. It will hurt his employer, he didn’t listen.

I have been very weak since I heard the news. Marriage is wahala jare. I could not just get it out of my head. Although I have one oga who has slept with nearly all married women in my office. But this one is the height of it all.

A school bus driver and parents…chaii