A 10-year-old boy known as Monday Omoruye has been arrested by security operatives for allegedly involved in an armed robbery in Edo State.

The boy during interrogation revealed that his brother introduced him to robbery and so far he has carried out four operations and they have all been successful.

Monday Omoruye who was caught with firearms said that he and his brother together with some friends broke into the Oba market Police station and stole the firearms.

In a video making rounds on the internet, the boy confessed to murdering two people in his robbery operation after receiving shooting training from his brother.

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He said,

“My name is Monday Omoruye. My father, Odiom, stays at Aro Junction. My mummy stays elsewhere while I stay at Ringroad.

“I am here because of the phone matter. One of my friends, someone came to buy a chain from him, N10, 000, he gave him N8, 000. We said we should go and get the N2, 000, we held him that he won’t go unless he pays the complete money.

“There’s one guy, I don’t know if he was d***k, he gave us a phone, we returned it. He told the other guy he wants to sleep, we told him not to allow him sleep because that one will steal everything, money and phone, the guy didn’t listen. When it was daybreak, I said don’t give him your phone but he didn’t listen, the other guy told him he wanted to download lots of music but ran away so we were looking for him, the owner of the phone said if he doesn’t see him, he will hold me, that was why he held me, called vigilante for me.

“My brother has two police guns that he collected from the police station at Urban market during #EndSARS protest.

“I can operate a small pistol, my brother taught me and he keeps them all. I have followed them to four robbery operations in Sapele, Siluko Road, Sakpoba. We have killed 2 people, one at Siluko Road, the other at Igan Market. I don’t know the names of those people we killed. When we finish robbing, we go to the cartel.

“If you want to see my brother, go in the morning and around 8pm, you will see him.”