#WomenTalkSex this week is told in the voice of a plus-size Nigerian woman who gives her opinion on a popular belief people have about the athleticism of women like her. Read on.

Tell me what you love most about your s*x life right now

The fact that it’s quiet and peaceful. It’s like an echo chamber right now. L**O.

LOL. So… drought season?

Yup yup. It’s been 84 years.

Titanic – It’s been 84 years

Hahaha. Nice one. I felt that. How’s it going though, and really how long’s it been?

Just a few months. About 7 months actually. And it has been very weird. This is one weird a*s celibacy journey for sure.

How so?

It’s actually how easy it’s been to just lock up. I didn’t see that coming at all. But then again, this hiatus is not exactly something I planned. So I guess the months just crept up on me and I just realised that I’d not been dicked down in all these months.

Maybe that’s even the trick to staying sane through it; not thinking about it at all.

Exactly! I mean, I’ve not been fixated on it, so it hasn’t seemed much of an issue. I expect it to be more stressful in the coming months actually.

Because, now that Valentine is coming and romance and love is all up in the air, it is difficult to not remember that I’ve been starving for so long.

LOL. And let’s face it, all this romance in the air is only leading to mass fornication and serious genital-meet-and-greet.

L**O. True that. So, the plan is to get it this valentine?

Omo. It’d be nice sha. I can’t lie. But it’s not looking like it at all. Story of my phyuked up life


Hahaha. Baba say eiya. It is what it is sha. Please don’t dig more into that.

Copy that. Wanted to ask though: what do you think of the common opinion that big women are lazy in bed?

As per ‘f*t girls no sabi f*** and other stories’?

Yup. That one.

Mtchew. It’s only those who have had wack s*x that always say stuff like that. I have another wild opinion that I heard from a friend and I kinda agree with her. But it’s raw and I’m not sure you would want to hear it

L**O. Says who?

Ok. So she said it’s men with small D who usually struggle with plus size women and I totally agree. So once I hear anyone say that I just say in my mind: ‘Hmm, tell us you have a small D without saying you have a small D?’

Hahaha. Omo.

Yup yup. Women are women. If she’s good, you will enjoy it and if she’s wack, she’s wack. It has nothing to do with size. But men with small D’s might be totally hopeless with thick and f*t women for obvious reasons. So they end up blaming the women, saying they are lazy bla bla bla. Such unnecessary slander. I’ll lose my mind when next I hear that f*t women are lazy in bed because that generalization itself is what is lazy.

You know women say that too, right?

I guess that’d maybe be skinny or slim women? They probably do that to prop up themselves and further an agenda that favours them. But mostly, I’ll chuck it down to ignorance sha. Because that is what it is.

Someone has thrown this at you at some point, haven’t they?

Not directly but yeah. And I didn’t hesitate to tell them everything I’ve said here. Besides, I don’t think any of my partners would have such opinions after being with me so, it doesn’t bother me much. I just dey like to educate people wey like to talk rubbish.

Fair point. So you’d say you are a 10/10?

Ah. Na you talk that one o.

LOL. You tell me what you’d rate yourself then?

A 7 actually. But that’s not for a lack of effort and athleticism sha o. I do have some fire in my belly if I do say so myself.


I think it’s other things like this s****d drought and other emotional rubbish that often takes away from the experience of s*x.