Money is sweet and all the daily struggles of life from going to school to learning a skill or taking a professional course or learning a trade are all to one goal; to make money and plenty of it.

However, in the cause of searching for this golden treasure, we often forget some things that taste better than money.

1. Good health:

The day you lose your health is the day you will realize that being in good health is the most important thing in life. There are wealthy people in a poor state of health that wish they could trade their entire riches for good health. If you can sleep and wake up without pills, eat and excrete, breath in and exhale, walk, run and jump. Having your internal and external organs functioning perfectly. You don’t know the treasure you have

2. Family

When you wake, you have your loved ones no matter where they are in good condition, you have your parents in a good state, it could be your spouse, your children, or siblings. You have people to lean on when in trouble and laugh together in victory. If you have these, you don’t know how many people envy you quietly. Don’t wait till you lose it before you realize

3. Peace of mind

Mental health, being emotionally and psychologically sound. Nothing beats these things. You aren’t suffering any police case, you aren’t a suspect of robbery, m****r, or fraud. Nobody is chasing your life. You are not running from bitter enemies.

You are not being set up. Not a victim of circumstances and disasters. Those suffering these abandon their dreams of chasing money to running to and fro the earth looking for peace.

Once again, I wish you a successful 2022, live your life, and enjoy every moment.

And for those who might be suffering any of the above, I wish you a better year 2022, good health, peace of mind, and a happy family plus more money.

Like the curious case of Benjamin button, each year will come and go, enjoy the moment, live a life you are proud of, and if at any moment you aren’t happy with the choices you made, I hope you have the strength to start all over again and stay happy.