Most new features are still being developed but thankfully the tech giant’s tester programme offers us a sneak peek of what to expect.

So, what’s WhatsApp got lined up for people soon?

1. WhatsApp voice note improvements:

Voice notes are one of WhatsApp’s most useful features, especially for those long tales you can’t be bothered to type out.

But calls and other disruptions can easily ruin a lengthy speech, forcing you to annoyingly restart.

It seems WhatsApp have taken note and are working on a way to make it a problem of the past.

According to beta testers, a much-needed pause and resume tool is on its way.

There will also be the ability to preview your recording before hitting the send button.

2. Moving WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android:

Switching between iOS and Android is a major pain as it is, but moving your WhatsApp chats is problematic on a whole new level.

The company is apparently all too aware and is finally looking to solve it.

So at some point soon when you decide to jump ship from iPhone to an Android device, or vice versa, it’ll hopefully be a little less hassle.

3. Reactions on WhatsApp:

The ability to like or heart a message on other apps like Facebook Messenger is really useful for quickly acknowledging something without getting s****d into a bigger conversation.

Well, it looks like WhatsApp is taking a leaf out of Messenger’s book, as it too will soon allow you to leave reactions.

According to leaked screenshots, the reactions available will be the same as well.

That includes a thumbs up, a heart, a laughing emoji, a surprised emoji, a sad emoji and the thank you prayer hands.

4. Improved WhatsApp security:

With scams rife, anything to boost your security on WhatsApp is welcome.

For anyone that uses WhatsApp Web, this will be particularly handy.

The firm is working on a way for users to enable or disable two-step verification from Web, so you can manage access to your WhatsApp.

In other news, Apple has revealed a bunch of new emojis for the iPhone, including a pregnant man and two saucy symbols.

Experts have warned that future space launches could be jeopardised if “s****d” regimes like Russia don’t stop blasting the skies creating debris.

And the most popular phone since the millennium has been unveiled, with many shocked to find out it’s not an iPhone.