It is common knowledge that most men like to go to the obvious places to try and bring their women to cl!max during inter-course.

Apart from these common places that men like to touch, touching your woman in the following places will also b**w her mind and drive her to 0rg@sm.

#1. HAIR – Running your hands seductively through her hair will send shivers all over her body. Some couples find this really stimulating during love-making.

#2. COLLARBONE – The collarbone is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body. So why not show your best for this beauty by touching and k!ss!ng her collarbone? Pay attention to this anatomy allotment while she is still clothed as you slowly unbutton her shirt. Focus on this area and gently k!ss and massage it once she has her shirt off.

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#3. EAR LOBES – Touching, k!ss!ng and even lightly biting her earlobes will give her that happy feeling. Women’s delicate, smooth earlobes are very sensitive and most girls enjoy the feeling of having a man’s lips on them. When doing this, avoid penetrating her ear with your tongue, instead focus on the outer part of the ear.

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#4. NECK – When you go to her neck, stay there for a few minutes while k!ss!ng her around the neck. Usually, the neck is neglected in favor of much more obvious pleasure centers, but never underestimate the possibility of gentle touches and kisses from her hairline to her shoulders.

#5 INNER TIGHS – Touching her adjacent thighs after you’ve ventured into the vaginal expanse will get her going. Use your hands to cuddle while k!ss!ng the belly of her thighs as you navigate to her ultimate pleasure point.

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#6. PELVIS – Focusing more on her belly is a good idea, however, you must resist the temptation to touch her vag1na, especially since she will be so close. Touching her close thighs, k!ss!ng and slapping around her belly will speed her up until she begs for more.