Fashion for men is simple, but they still make mistakes.

There are some questionable outfit choices that men make. I’ve compiled absolutely unnecessary and unflattering fashion trends for men that should be done with.

Have you been guilty of any of these things? Please don’t become a repeat offender.

1. Tight jean trousers

A man in tight jeans does not look the least bit good. It holds his b**t too tightly.

2. Trousers that show underwear or b**t c***k

Men, your b**t c***k (the opening to your b**t) showing is unattractive.

Also, except you are in secondary school, there is no reason for anyone to see your underwear.

3. Wearing leather slippers with everything

So slippers with everything, even jeans is not a good look. The only acceptable outfit leather slippers go with is native attires.
What should you wear with jeans? Loafers and sneakers, please.

4. Wearing a kaftan and slides

There is no reason on earth to wear native with slides. Slides are for staying at home, beachwear or running errands.

5. Pointy dusty shoes

Except you are a street evangelist, throw away those pointy black shoes with cranks. Buy more loafers and monk straps. This isn’t 2002.

6. Ripped jeans

The only reason you should wear ripped jeans is because you are part of NURTW (National Union of Road Transport Workers)

7. Oversized trouser length

Your trousers should be around your ankle, not longer or shorter.

8. Untucking shirt when wearing work shoes

You shoes determine if you can tuck or untuck your shirt. If the theme is corporate then stick with it, if it’s a casual look do not wear work shoes but sneakers.