Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has been dragged for allegedly diverting funds that were meant for veteran Nollywood stars to her own pocket.

According to an Instagram user who left a comment on her post, philanthropists and renowned investors had contributed to her foundation to aid Nollywood aged stars during the COVID-19 lockdown period, but she decided to hoard it since then.

In the words of the social media user identified as Originalayo:

“I have just bread a post on the @theeyeopenerrxx. The post didn’t portray you in a good light as it also kept me wondering what you have been doing with funds meant to help the needy within the Yoruba industry! If you don’t want to be unfortunate in this life and you also don’t want trailer to jam all you hold dear to your heart, you better make sure you are not spending those funds on your f*t, miserable self! Otherwise, na n***d sapona that will come for you. If you don’t want to die suddenly, do the needful with the needy’s money. Shapeless amoeba, husband snatacher.”

In reaction to the allegation, Funke Daramola said:

“May God punish you for the s****d comment you just wrote except someone is giving me money on what am doing if not ur whole generation will die miserably b4 the end of this year in Jesus for you to be abusing me with my hard-earned money for nothing thunder and lightning will k**l the whole of your family for wanting to stop what am doing for this people no what am doing for this people for no reason favour will depart from u for the rest of your miserable like b*****d”