Disputes between celebrities can be pretty messy, and sometimes things go a little too far, and that’s exactly what actress Pearl Thusi accused Nota Baloyi of in her latest tweets.

On Thursday, Nota took aim at rapper Cassper Nyovest again, this time including other tweeps.

“I have nephews and nieces to spoil. I don’t want no kids. You have children out of wedlock and then ruin their future because you don’t have family values.

I was born in a planned family. Cassper was raised by his stepfather because his biological father wasn’t man enough to do the right thing,” Nota tweeted.

His tweet was not well received by others as it was tweeted below the belt. Pearl Thusi was one of those who didn’t just stand by and watch.

She quoted Nota’s tweet and tweeted, “What the f**k?!?? This is out of line.”

The actress and businesswoman’s followers had plenty to say, and they too feel the feud between the two has gone far enough.

“This has been out of line for a while now Pearl, this guy is super obsessed with Cassper … Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, it’s beyond its psychological in fact.”

The messy feud between the two is slowly morphing into a full-on beef that may bring Mzansi’s biggest rap battle to ever come out of Mzansi.

Tweeps have been given a front-row seat of the feud between the two. Nota turned down Cassper’s challenge to get in the boxing ring, however he has done him one better by challenging the rapper to a rap battle.