Sibulelo Manamatela has revealed that one good thing that happened to her after giving birth.

The well-known lifestyle blogger and media personality shared this on her personal social media handle on Instagram.

When she lists things that have changed after having a child, she always thinks of the negative things first, especially when it comes to physical differences.

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However, one big change that has occurred after the birth of her second child is better hair. Her post states;

“When I list things about myself that have changed after giving birth, I always think of the negative first, especially when it comes to physical differences. I mean, I could give you a whole list right now. 🙈

But one big change that has happened after Mangaliso is better hair. My aunt said the other day that she’s never seen my hair so great (healthy, full, etc…) and I realized she was absolutely right. Mangi gave me great hair but still kept some for herself – thanks mangs. 🥺

Are there any physical changes that occurred postpartum that you absolutely love?”