An army officer has narrated how she almost lost her life after a s*x toy got stuck in her v*g!na.

The army officer, who claims to have been stationed away from home for almost a year, was filmed lying in a hospital bed after a self-love session with a lavender-coloured v!brator went horribly wrong.

She said: “So basically I am in the military, I’ve been away from home for almost a year. So for me being away from home mean I’ve got to make it do what to do, which is why I bought that toy.

The toy got like 10 different settings on it so the first couple of things I use them like a lot of times so one day I just decided to just c***k this whole what right quick.

I shouldn’t do that because level one, level two, it’d be sending me to heaven every single time.I cranked that thing up to level six – it’s a different vibration with little suction things.

She noted the s*x toy sent her to “heaven” within three to five seconds. “I’m in heaven and suddenly I realise I can’t get it out of me.

I try pull the toy out and it wouldn’t come out – the suction cup was not moving. I couldn’t get myself up because my body is so weak that I’m on the floor. Next thing I know, I blacked out.”

She was taken to the hospital where the s*x toy was removed from her body. She added that when she returned home she made sure to dispose of the s*x toy.