Housemate WhiteMoney has revealed that if he had never chosen Queen as his deputy, she would make the house unbearable for him.

He further stated that she has been a great help to him in the house and if she eventually gets evicted, he will surely feel her disappearance from the house.

Here’s a highlight of what he said;

1} Wining the HOH is my highest achievement in the house so far.

2} Queen has been of great help to me and the entire house, and she deserves to be in the HOH lounge.

3} if Queen leaves the house today, I will feel it.

4} if I had chosen another Deputy, Queen would have made the house very hot for me.

5} I enjoy Queen’s friendship and company, but I don’t have any emotional feelings attached to it.

6} JACKIE B eviction was emotional for me because I was romantically attracted to her.

7} I Nominated Yousef and Angel because I needed them to be in the hot seat and feel the heat.

8} I targeted the VETO POWER during the HOH games to enable me to save either Yousef or Nini.