Sibulelo Manamatela has revealed that being a full-time mother is a h**l of a job.

The beautiful mother of two made this known in a post she made on her personal social media handle on Instagram.

Sharing an awesome photo of herself, she wrote;

“Don’t let anybody lie to you; being a full-time mother, at home with the children 24/7, is one h**l of a job. And that is why I’m resigning. (Jokes)

I’m still going to be at home all the time this year but I am looking forward to resuming my studies, attempting homeschooling, working and pursuing passion projects (one of which is launching soooon.)

I’m putting faith first and hoping for a great year despite uhm… the pandemic. It’s already imperfect, so that’s not what I am after but I aim to make it the best that it can be.

Any plans or things you’re doing differently this year or are you picking up where you left off? (That’s okay too!)”