Designer Quiteria has been in big trouble following claims by Lesego Tlhabi, affectionately known as Coconut Kelz.

The comedian and presenter accuse the designers of f*t-shaming her when she tried on their clothes.

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Body shaming is once again in the spotlight, and as always, it’s voluptuous women who are being criticized.

Lesego tells her devastating story of how the designer embarrassed her in front of his customers during a dress fitting by calling her a “f*t boom boom.”

“So I went to a famous designer today and I told him my measurements ahead of time because it’s for TV. Didn’t he then declare very loudly in the store after a failed fitting that he didn’t have anything for me and then use words like “fatty boom boom” to describe how I would look in the designs.

“Actually nah. This is Quiteria and George. What happens from there is above me. That was s**t, s**t, s**t. If I lose this opportunity, I lose it. I’ll never carry anything from there again. And it was “Q” himself,” she said.

Defending himself, Quiteria said he never called her f*t, so he won’t apologize for using such words. He even called other celebrities like Terry Pheto, rapper Boity Thulo and Dineo Langa f*t.

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Boity’s reaction to all the drama is one that was to be expected. She posted a GIF asking why she was mentioned? “Why am I in this now?”

Many celebs have voiced their anger towards the designers, including model Thickleeyonce, who has been the victim of body shaming countless times.

“This whole Quiteria thing is so frustrating. Fatphobia still rules in our fashion industry here. I hope Lesego is doing well and I’m glad she shared her experience because it really can be,” she wrote.

Thickleeyonce recently had to fight back against trolls who attacked her for eating junk food. It all started when Thicklee tweeted about waiting for a pizza place to open.

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That’s when a woman approached her from the side, “Baby girl, how about gym? I mean, come on.

Too early for junk. We’re f*t and all, too, but we should at least try to promote a healthy lifestyle. Not to get skinny, but to be healthier!”

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She clapped back by saying tweeps should be concerned about their own health, not hers.

“I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast, no one says anything about their health, but let me talk about craving chocolate at 8 a.m., then everyone is a doctor who cares about my health. I beg you. Gtfoh.

“You don’t care about the well-being of f*t people, you just want to police our bodies and mask your fatphobia as “concern” for our health. Just stop,” she said.