Buhle Samuels has taken to social media to bless social media users with some savoury photos.

The renowned media personality shared these photos on her verified social media handle on the popular photos and videos sharing platform, Instagram.

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

“The @fashionnova Woo!”

In other news, the media personality in a recent post called out men who don’t have manners. She wondered how how these men behave the way they do.

According to her, when she meets such men, she won’t tolerate any disrespect from them all in the name of relationship or love.

Her post reads;

“Men, why do some of you feel the need to walk up to ladies you don’t know pull up a chair and seat yourself? What manners are these? I hate that thing! It’s so arrogant to assume that your interruption is welcome. Nigazosidina maan!”