The proposal from a pregnant lady to her boyfriend trigger mixed reaction on Twitter as the boyfriend in question is considered less of a man.

A Twitter user identified as @MagnumJackson had taken to the platform to share the picture of a proposal which he considered adorable but was bashed by other users.

The photo of the heavily pregnant lady proposing marriage to her man is considered by some users to be totally unwelcomed and awkward.

See some reactions below …

not being funny, but I’d kinda like to know what’s the real issue here? she loves him and wants to marry him. how is that bad?

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Can a woman really respect a man she proposed to?.. This is so awkward lol

He covering his mouth because he realized he failed her as a man and let his pregnant woman take the knee because he was shook of commiting first that’s what I see

Nope. Ladies don’t do this! Have some pride and self respect!

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I would rather be ran over by an 18 wheeler 5 times

I think shaming this woman might be a level of s**t shaming.
Let women do what they want.

i’d have that baby upside down before i propose to a n***a

PREGNANT & PROPOSING ?!??! I’ll die first …. or marry a woman first gtfoh men literally refuse to be men

While holding a BABY bump? Lord please don’t let me ever be down this bad