Candice Modiselle got emotional as she explained what happened to her on set recently.

The renowned media personality indicated in her recent social media post on Twitter that she got to set to meet the team of makeup artists who first did her makeup when she went on stage for the first time.

Per what she wrote, she never expected to see them. Her post she wrote reads;

“I’ve experienced the most Godly “full circle” moment today… Got to set to find that the team of makeup artists booked are the exact women that first did my makeup when I officially started working in the industry. My earliest tv moments, crafted by them. I’m not crying”

In a recent post, she shared one of her childhood photos. Sharing the photo, she wrote;

“My pride and joy… ♥️ You’re doing good kid   #TBT

(Also, don’t be fooled by the overflowing cup of cuteness. This little one had a mouth on her and unapologetically took up space. Safe to say not much has changed  )”