Over the weekend, Sierra Leone’s cyclist Isata Sama Mondeh defied all odds in Makeni and married her beloved heartthrob in a peloton that left many Sierra Leoneans in awe.

Sierraloaded learnt that the ceremony, which was graced by a number of cyclists in Sierra Leone, has now become a topic of conversation on social media as the couples and friends opted for bicycles instead of conventional motor vehicles.

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Isata Sama Mondeh, currently the fastest female cyclist in Sierra Leone, is also the first female bicycle mechanic in Sierra Leone.

Isata is also the first female bicycle mechanic to own a bicycle store with several cyclists working under her.

Isata had participated in the Tour de Lunsar where she won first place in the female category.

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As the first female mechanic in Sierra Leone, she is breaking stereotypes and working hard to build a business that can support her and her family.

She convincingly uses her experience as evidence when speaking to girls, families, and community members, and she addresses traditional cultural views head-on.

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We at Sierraloaded celebrate Isata for being a positive role model to encourage other women around the world who want to get into cycling.

Congratulations to her!