Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria teeming with millions of single unmarried people who either moved for school or work or were born in Lagos.

Geographically speaking, Lagos is the best place to find love.

Still, so many are searching for love.

These are the most likely places to find it:

1. Social media

As the economic hub of Nigeria, Lagos is also the hotspot for all social media activity in the country.

Everyone loves a good “We met on Twitter” story, and it’s easy for Lagosians to connect with themselves, and maybe find love online.

2. Concerts

More and more people go to concerts, especially when the year is winding down. Who is to say the love of your life won’t be standing right beside you at one?

3. The gym

Some people go to the gym to work out and some have other nefarious motives.

But men and women in the gym sweating and working out is a recipe for meeting someone new and perhaps the love of your life.

Just don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable when you make your advances.

4. Church

Lagos churches teem with young people in their Sunday best worshipping the Lord. The best way is to plug yourself into the fabric of church life. Just attending once a month is not enough.

5. House parties

This is another place to meet the love of your life. A friend has a house party, you get invited and then you meet the person.

The beauty of finding love in Lagos is that it doesn’t matter if you are a homebody who loves to stay home and press their phone, or you are a social person who loves to go out.

If you are determined to find love in Lagos, you will!