I need your candid advice on these matters that touch the heart.

I got married last year to the mother of my beautiful daughter sometime in August last year during the COVID lockdown.

The marriage was against my wishes and due to parental pressure. Prior to marrying my wife, I was doing a good job by making sure I take good care of my daughter and the mom.

My daughter just turned 2 in July and has already started going to school. My wife and I met online and started dating immediately after our first s****l encounter.

Along the line she got pregnant and we started having misunderstandings. We both decided we will keep the baby because I made a vow with God not to abort any child with any woman I impregnate.

However, to cut the story short we both agreed we won’t get married and her parents were cool with it as long as I take care of their daughter and my child.

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Then came COVID and during the events of the lockdown, I entered into a relationship with a Chemical Engineer that earns a 7 figure monthly salary.

The relationship lasted for months but my mom never supported the relationship and did everything to make sure I break up with this lovely lady in a bid to marry my baby mama.

I was against it knowing fully well that she is very quarrelsome and dramatic. I had inner peace with my lockdown girlfriend.

Till now I still miss her and want to be with her despite being married to my wife who is always looking for ways to suspect me for one thing or the other. She has even threatened that if she catch me cheating, she will cheat back.

My marriage for the past 1 year has been full of problems, drama, and even attempted violence. My wife just graduated from Uni and is about to go in for her NYSC.

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I am even praying she gets posted out of Lagos preferably the North. This marriage has drained me of all my resources and has taken away a lot from me.

My wife doesn’t appreciate the good I do for her and my daughter. She is always quick to judge me and criticize for every small mistake I make.

She nags all the time and always want to pick a fight for b******t reasons. I don’t find my wife attractive anymore and I have lost every desire to have s*x with her from the first day we married in August last year.

She gets upset when female colleagues at work call me. I had considered resigning because we had an issue over my boss at work who always calls me for work related stuff.

I am not on good terms with my mom because she engineered this marriage against my own wishes. My wife and I don’t have a good relationship.

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It has gotten so bad that we don’t sleep in the same room anymore. I had to leave the house for some time to stay in an accommodation provided by my work place so I can have inner peace and regain my sanity.

I am so pained because of my relationship that ended abruptly. I tried getting back with my Ex whom I still love but now she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me despite how much I still love her.

My question is, should I still try to win my ex over or find another woman? As for my marriage, I consider it dead and over. I don’t care what my parents particularly my mom will do.

I don’t bleeping care anymore. All I want is my love to come back to my life and end this toxic marriage.