A source close to the White House says President Trump spent his last night at the White House working on pardons and signing the final paperwork just before midnight.

His daughter Ivanka was with him until 10 p.m. ET and left to meet with him until 2 a.m. ET to talk on the phone with some of the pardoned individuals.

Ivanka had been a strong advocate for pardons for nonviolent offenders in recent days.

The source says the feeling is “bittersweet” as the family leaves today. Another source says he is relieved to leave the pressures of the presidency behind.

His daughter and son-in-law will not be joining him on Air Force One.

Marine One just lifted off the White House lawn and is taking President Trump to Joint Base Andrews for his farewell ceremony.

But it’s not typical for a president’s final flights to be officially designated as Marine One and Air Force One, as those planes only have those names when the president is on board. (Typically, presidents leave DC after the new president is inaugurated.)

The helicopter flight for the outgoing president is usually referred to as Executive One.