Popular actress Lilian Afegbai has issued a stern warning to people she believes will not have a positive impact on her life.

In an Insta-story, the 29-year-old movie star stated that the idea of s3x is overrated and any relationship that is not geared towards developing her life and career is largely unacceptable.

Stating her determination, she said:

“Don’t come around me, if you don’t have your sh*t together if I wasn’t looking good and working hard to take care of myself. You won’t want me, so if you are not coming to add value to my life and career. Take several seats, S*x is overrated.

If that’s all you have to offer then keep it to yourself. We are getting older and wiser women are doing so much more and sometimes I tell myself “you can do better” so don’t come to my space if you not adding value….”