Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, is finally breaking silence following the death of his son.

Dare Adeboye passed away a few days ago after he went to bed peacefully and did not wake up the next morning.

The man of God who did not address the loss gathered the strength to host the May edition of the Holy Ghost service where he finally addressed the pain in his heart.

During his sermon, Pastor Adeboye urged members to look past the loss and understand that everything people have is temporary.

“Whatever we have is given to us by God, be it wealth, wife, husband, children e.t.c and if it got taken away by God, all we can do is give God glory for actually giving us the privilege to enjoy those wealth or kids temporarily and it is not for us to complain, blame and question God,” he said

With biblical reference to Ezekiel 24:16, the clergyman said “God took away Ezekiel’s wife and asked him not to mourn over her.

What we see as sorrows might be joy in the sight of God, I mean His ways and thoughts are not the same with ours, we shouldn’t forget that both good and bad happen at God’s command. (Lamentations 3:38).

Finally in all things let’s learn to say thank you father and It is well. God bless all of you in Jesus’ name.

There is a peace that passes human understanding. It is only God that can give that peace. I thank God that I have that peace,” Adeboye added.