It’s meant to be a refuge, a place of sleep, harmony and intimacy, but for many long-term couples their bed has become a battleground.

Snoring, tossing and turning, insomnia, blanket hogging and body heat spell doom for a good night’s sleep – and a new study shows more and more people are opting for a “sleep divorce” to get enough rest.

At least 200 000 Australian couples not only sleep in separate beds but in different bedrooms, the study found.

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Research conducted in the USA had similar findings: up to 25% of couples sleep apart and the home-construction industry recently reported a surge in requests for two separate master bedrooms in new homes.

Improves relationships

Sleeping n***d promotes intimacy among couples. Close contact with a significant other can massively boost the amount of oxytocin in your brain. This hormone is the neurotransmitter that helps you feel those impulsive good feelings to your other half.

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Men’s fertility

A study from the National Institute of Child Health and Development at Stanford University found that men who slept in the Nood instead of wearing boxer shorts or briefs had a 25 percent lower rate of damaged DNA in their s***m than men who did wear them. Fertility may decrease as s***m gets overheated.

More s****y s*x

S*x is a great form of exercise and a stress reliever. If you and your partner regularly sleep n***d next to each other, the likelihood is that you’ll have more s*x than you would when wearing those restrictive PJs.

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More refreshed mornings

Often when you wake up from a night’s sleep in your preferred form of pajamas, you feel clammy and sticky from sweating during the night. Reserve the pajamas for those menstrual days.