A female student who does casual construction work gets support and love online after sharing photos of her side hustle as a laborer.

The young lady identified @02franx had taken to Twitter to share what she does in her private hours when she’s not in class.

Sharing photos of herself at a construction site with a headpan, she wrote;

“Aside being a student..☺️”

The tweet however gained attention and in turn, she got cash gifts, words of encouragement, and other forms of supports.

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As an appreciation, the young lady has come to say thank you to everyone that showered her kindness in whatsoever way.

“To say I’m happy is an understatement, once again, I’m thankful and greatful for all the love, supports, concerns and affection shown towards me since my previous post. God bless y’all ♥️ and 💡.
To those doubting my previous tweet..here you go.”