Just as a Nairalander shared: Good day family people. Please what can you do in this case?

My neighbour’s second child, the 5-year-old girl that used to fall sick often was just recently confirmed sickle cell much to the surprise of the parents and all of us. But that is not even the issue.

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The real issue is that the parents tested to know their genotype before marriage and the father was known to be AS and the mother AA.

The woman went to 5 different hospitals and laboratories, government and private, to confirm her genotype before committing to marriage with the man.

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After their marriage and during her two antenatal in the hospital, she tested her blood each time again and her genotype was still confirmed AA.

Now suddenly when her daughter was fallen sick often she requested for genotype test for the daughter and it was confirmed she was SS.

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That made the doctor to ask the mother to go for genotype test again and it turned out as AS.

Please how do you explain this family people and doctors in the house? What do you do to those that conducted the 7 previous tests both in government and private hospitals?