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According to psychologists, a person’s sitting position says a lot about his intentions and personality.

It is undisputed that different people have different sitting postures.
And in most cases, our sitting style can vary depending on the environment and mood.

However, there are certain sitting styles that are specific to each individual. And this adopted style is not necessarily limited to the type of mood we are in.

According to psychologists, a person’s sitting position says a lot about their intentions and personality.

It reveals our hidden instincts and desires.

And even if you’re not aware of it, you’re probably getting signals from the body language of the people around you.

Experts have gone even further and claim that even if your words are friendly and open, poor body language can make you appear dishonest or uninterested.

That’s why it’s important to know that posture is part of our body language. And your posture reveals a lot about who you are and what you are thinking.

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What many people don’t know is that this is a great technique used by interviewers to learn about a person’s personality.

So if you really want to know how to interpret other people’s poses and optimize your own posture for a top-notch impression, read on to learn what these common sitting positions really mean:

Here are five sitting positions and what they mean

1. sitting upright

It’s said that people who sit with their legs extended are often neat and intelligent eight times out of ten.

They are also quick to recognize or respond to small changes, signals or influences.

In addition, sitting with straight legs is a sign that you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself rather than engage in conflict.

Nevertheless, people with this sitting position can be quite tense, but they are always ready to take action when the need arises.

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2. sitting with legs crossed

Psychologists claim that crossing your legs while sitting can be a bold statement that says you are in love with the person you are comfortable with.

However, it is also believed that people who cross their legs are more artistic by nature. These people often have strange and creative ideas that make others think differently because they probably have a strong imagination.

3. armrest when sitting

Although there are very few people with this sitting position, it doesn’t change the fact that you can see it here and there.

People who regularly lean on the armrest while sitting have been identified as a wobbly type who needs to find a way to stabilize themselves.

However, this does not apply to female bosses; because they are naturally relaxed and in control. They have no need to stabilize themselves.

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4. Shaking hands while sitting

Normally, people do not grasp hands while sitting. But if they do, it can be interpreted as a sign of trying to be extra polite.

However, psychologists claim that it can also be a sign that you are lying and trying very hard to be pleasing.

5. sitting with legs bent on one side.

This sitting position is most common among women. And it is said that it is a sign that these people believe in time and place.

In other words, they believe that everything has its time and place.

More often, these people set goals and work very hard to achieve them. It is more of a priority for them to establish their education and career before moving on to something else.

Also, appearance is important to these people and they dress very well to make a good impression.