A social media user shared a hilarious response from a 6-year-old cousin who asked to have her phone.

The lady, identified by her Facebook username as Stacey Harrison, shared that her 6-year-old cousin requested her phone, but she refused, saying that no one will call the child even if she gives her the phone.

The child, who didn’t seem to be at a loss for words, made a hilarious suggestion by explaining how she will make her (lady) callers her own callers in a few days.

The post reads:

“I asked my 6-year old cousin to help me hold my phone while I attended to something. Just few minutes into holding the phone, she said ‘Aunty Stacey, why not give me your phone so it can be mine’

I responded, telling her that since most of her friends don’t have a phone, nobody will be calling her and she won’t be doing anytime with the phone after all.

Madam responded that I should give her first, that whenever my own calls come in, she would pick and tell the caller to start calling her instead.

She said she will say that to every caller and in that way generate her own callers.

Please people of God, what should I answer again?”