For those who don’t know, marijuana is an intoxicating substance that can make you feel high, hungry, and can affect most of your actions for time.

Marijuana, which is also known as cannabis, is also called w**d.

Most women may not know that smoking p*t can affect their v****a and s*x life. To a woman, smoking p*t before or during s*x may seem like it spices up your s*x life.

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Most people find high s*x to be interesting to do, but also forget about the side effects.

Smoking p*t makes the v****a dry, just like it makes the mouth dry, it does the same to the female genital.

As much as smoking p*t makes a woman extra h***y, it also dries out the v****a, leaving little or no lubrication for easy p*********n, which in turn can lead to vaginal injury.

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But if there is an external lubricant, then definitely give your s*x life that extra spice.