Usually when people say “graffiti,” your mind generates a series of crazy-stylized letters spray-painted on a wall, maybe a few other elements here and there, like glitter, shoelaces, wires, etc.

Well, at least that’s what my brain does. Obviously, there’s a lot more to street art than we thought! Meet: Sergio Odeith and his crazy 3D spray art.

This 43-year-old artist from Lisbon, Portugal, has become insanely popular for turning gray walls and simple bricks into works of art by covering them with a thick layer of paint.

And in the end, the whole thing looks insanely realistic, like this concrete block that has suddenly turned into a burnt bus.

If you look at it from a certain point and from about ten feet away, you wouldn’t know that it was once a gray, mundane concrete. The level of detail is simply amazing!

But of course, the bus is not the only work of Sergio, here are other examples that prove he is a real genius! Have fun!