A lady has sparked a debate on social media with her latest post.

This lady from South Africa made a post about relationships and according to her, the fact that a lady tells a guy what her ex-fiancées put her through will not stop the guy from doing the same thing.

The post has gathered an overwhelming number of views from social media users, with some agreeing with her and others disagreeing with her.

The post she made reads;

“Telling a guy what your ex’s put you through won’t stop him from doing the same”

Read some comments below;

@TKwazi – He might even think you’re resilient

@tapsshore – Doing the same isn’t good, atleast he should do worse

@mizsbosh – You won’t ever find me talking about past relationships. He doesn’t care.

@Deeks_Geek – You’re just him ammunition to finish you off cause now you’ve told him your triggers

@melanindokter – you find that sometimes it gives him ideas of how he can do worse.

@just_mangwe – Man this will only make him understand how much bullsh*t you can tolerate. Ayy girls you can do better man.

@sykotiq_chwk – It just might, coz I’ll add “I wanted to ring his balls” at the end of each sentence

@Pearl_Mahlati – Once told my ex side n***a what my boyfriend did. He then did the same thing thinking was gonna stay, i blocked him same time his now crawling for closure andizi