Actress Eniola Badmus took to social media to brag about her plus-sized body that gets everyone talking.

Recall that a few days ago, the actress uploaded a picture of herself that caught the attention of her followers. But she was mercilessly trolled for intentionally editing her pictures to make sure she looks like she is on weight loss.

Undeniably, Eniola Badmus has been inundated with curses and many body-shaming comments about her weight.

While others claim it’s an act of love, others think she deserves it for sitting up straight and taking care of her health.

She has proven that she will not be swayed and continues to carry herself with so much confidence and respect.

The actress shared a photo of herself on her Instagram page and said that she carries herself with pride and doesn’t owe anyone an apology for the way she looks.

Eniola Badmus wrote, “I wear this body unapologetically…. Do you agree?