Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, MP for Asawase constituency, has revealed that he married his first wife on the same day his father died.

In an exclusive interview with Citi TV, tracked by, the Minority Chief Whip shared this interesting story;

“The old man is dead. He died 23 years ago, strangely enough he died on my wedding day, in Los Zongos the wedding starts on Thursday “.

He explained that in the Zongos the bride-to-be is isolated on Thursdays so that the necessary rituals initiate the wedding ceremony, which culminates on a Sunday with pomp and pageantry.

“My first wife had gone to be isolated on Thursday, and on Friday we woke up and the old man wasn’t feeling well and we had to go back to the hospital. We got there around 8:30 p.m., they came back, the old man was gone. He couldn’t believe it,” he revealed.

According to him, the imam insisted that both ceremonies be performed at the same time because one could not cancel out the other, which meant that he should perform her father’s funeral and marriage at the same time.

“Neither one can cancel out the other. Interestingly, he brought something that I keep telling my constituents, all the plans, the parties that were planned and all these things had to be canceled. Believe me, it became the basis of our business, “he told.