As the sensation from the party of popular businessman, Obi Cubana, continues to sweep Nigerians off their feet, a young man reveals the reason many women are not seen spraying money.

This is coming following the display of wealth at the burial of the mother of celebrity barman, Obi Cubana in Oba, Anambra State.

Taking to Instagram, the user identified as Kunlereal enumerated the reason women as not seen at the party lavishing money like men.

In his words;

“Why don’t we see women spray money as men do? Not that they don’t have as much, but they’re not just as buoyant as men when it comes to spraying.

Women are just so Loyal to their needs and value the Money Language.

They are very Calculative in Nature. If she sprays one bundle, her subconscious thought already calculated a thousand things she could have done with that money.

She’ll rather use dance to cover the rest than for her to spray the 2nd bundle.

I guess we can say most men live for the moment and most women live for the future.

That’s why women naturally are better at saving than men.”