Eva Modika was invited to a Podcast and Chill session with MacG and his team, and she agreed.

Every time the team posts a session with any celebrity, they give many people something to talk about.

Eva Modika’s chill session was no different, and the influencer spoke to some extent about her beef with Ayanda Thabethe.

In June 2021, Ayanda took to her Instagram stories with a rant of how a blogger was ruining many people’s careers.

The Instagram blogger named Maphephe Ndaba is known for sharing entertainment news and gossip. According To Thabethe, many celebrities have had their careers ruined because of this gossip blog, as brands drop them sometimes after their names are tainted.

Ayanda went on to say Eva Modika is behind that blog. Kefilwe Mabote also called out Eva Modika on the same issue.

Eva Modika responded, saying the claims were outrageous and denied running the blog in question.

The famous club hostess said she does not have time to blog on her Instagram stories. She went on to say that she would not address these allegations again.

On the Podcast and Chill session, Eva Modika was asked about the Instagram drama. She said that Ayanda hates her because Eva approached her baby daddy on the day they met and said hie and he bought her alcohol in a club.

Eva, who has a history with the man who is only identified as Peter, said she just greeted him as someone she knew at the club. Ayanda was also there with the man, and according to Eva, that’s how the beef started.

Eva Modika discusses how she met the guy before he was dating Ayanda. Peter is said to have stopped Eva and her friend on the freeway during the first lockdown. The guy is said to be rich and loaded, and Eva had a few hookups with him before they ended.

Now Peter ad Ayanda are expecting a child together, and Ayanda made a public announcement of her pregnancy a few weeks ago.