Aloma, the former personal assistant of Davido, opens up on how he was once offered a cheque of N100M to pin the death of Tagbo Umeike on O.B.O.

It would be recalled that the late Davido’s friend, Tagbo allegedly took 40 shots of Tequila at Shasha Bar in Lekki and later died from too much alcohol.

Aloma who was kicked out some time ago from the 30 Billion Gang, 30BG, opens up in a chat with veteran rapper, Jahbless, on his podcast ‘Original Intelligence.’

According to him, some individuals whom he did not mention their name offered him a blank cheque to stand as their witness that Davido had a hand in the death other than the claim of dying from excess alcohol consumption.

“As we dey Lion Building, Tagbo lawyer show, one person show, I nor wan talk em name. Dem say I be fall man, they carry me go one room. Baba fear industry o because everybody be just dey to bring this guy down.”

“They say I be fall man say make I just talk say na David k**l am, say he send guys. Baba blank cheque dey o…100 million they make I just write say Tagbo na David k**l am,” he said.