A businessman, Abubakar Barkindo, has been caught having o**l s*x with two brothers, aged 8 and 9, for suspected ritual purposes in Adamawa State.

Barkindo, who admitted to committing the act, however, said it was to test if his manhood was functional.

The businessman, who sells engine oil and other lubricants in Yola, the state capital, allegedly lured the two boys into his apartment at the 50 Housing Units at Jambutu, where he ejaculated into their mouths after thrusting in and out.

The father of the segxwally abused boys, while searching for the boys, was told by a neighbour to check Barkindo’s apartment, where he reportedly found his boys with s***n dripping from their mouths.

“I came out looking for the boys in front of the house and was told Barkindo took them into his house. I suspected his motive, so I badged in only to see my kids with s***m in their mouths,” the father said.

The spate of ritual killings and related activities recently prompted a move by the House of Representatives to call for a state of emergency.

The Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Toby Okechukwu (Enugu, Peoples Democratic Party), in a motion last Wednesday, raised the alarm over cases of ritual killings and money rituals across the country.

Okechukwu, in a motion of urgent public importance, blamed Nigerian movies, popularly known as Nollywood, for the rising cases of ritual killings.

“While youths in other climes are embracing science and technology as a way of maintaining pace with our dynamic world, some of our youths seem stuck in the mistaken belief that sacrificing human blood is the surest route to wealth, safety and protection,” he said.

Barkindo has admitted inserting his manhood and ejaculating inside the mouths of the minors.

He was arraigned at a Chief Magistrate Court I on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to the offence, which is contrary to section 263 of penal code law of the state.

Narrating why he had o**l s*x with the boys, Barkindo said he committed the act to test if his manhood was functional; as according to him, he had experienced erectile dysfunction in recent times.

“I noticed some time back that my p***s was no more functional and even complained to my mother about it.

“I got some herbs with a view to treating it, and later decided to test whether it had resumed duty by asking the boys to play with it,” he said.

In the First Information Report of the police, the prosecutor, Sergeant Sawe Nicholas informed the court that the defendant was caught by the father of the boys.

After his guilty plea, the judge, Abdullahi Digil ordered that the defendant be remanded in prison custody, adding that the case file should be transmitted to the Department of Public Prosecutions for legal advice.

He adjourned the matter to March 7, 2022.