A young man identified as Ayomide has opened up about how he was severally drugged and s*xually abused by his uncle when he was 11 years old.

He took to his social media page to make this shocking revelation.

Here’s what he narrated;

“News has been going around concerning Baba ijesha, how he defiled a small girl, The needs to justice must be Accomplished this is the right time I’m speaking out on myself, I was defiled at the Age of 11 years old by my dad junior brother’.

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I don’t have the boldness to speak out because of the fear of being beaten…

I could remember when I lost my both parents at tender Age, no family, nobody to care for me, only my uncle was there for me, not Knowing my uncle was a P*******e he has been sleeping with me a countless number of times?! don’t know how this all happened, what I can only flashbacks is that he always offers me fruit juice at night.

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I believe my drink is being injected with sedative drugs,’ always feel dizzy whenever I sip my drink at night my uncle sleep with me at midnight, if I wake up in the morning, my kpekus always get wet…

I’ve been trying to have courage to ask him,each time I try to,l got the beating of my Iife….he threatened to k**l me,abuse my parents for not taking care of me before they gave up the ghost I attended boys boarding school in ogun state….each times I got vacation, I’m always scared to come back home for holiday….cuz I’m scared of my Uncle big Gbola….

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I can’t count, how many times he had slept with me L<,z‘? tip t4 I’m writing this to everyone to know what I’m passing through all these while….my prayers go to everyone who experience r***d or blackmail….stay strong I want justice,I’ve been facing severe pains in my heart. @humanrightswatch @humanrightscampaign”