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“I’m a man sent by God to liberate his people” – Actor Yul Edochie declares himself as Godsent to Nigerians

Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has revealed God sent him to Nigeria to liberate his people.

The actor posted a rhetorical question on Instagram about the meaning of running away from our father’s country, Nigeria, in search of greener pastures when it is certain that death awaits everyone.

However, he revealed that God sent him to deliver his people, hence his decision never to run away from Nigeria.

Here is what he posted;

“Jakpa is not the answer. Yes, no one wants to lose his life but truth is, we’ll all die someday, all of us.

So what’s the point of running? I’m a man sent by God to liberate his people. I will not run from my fatherland. We must get it right. My plan B is ‘NO LEAVE NO TRANSFER’.”

Well, his tweet comes after Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the head of the House on the Rock Church, advised members of the church to have a “plan B” to flee the county amid rising insecurity in different parts of Nigeria.

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