So I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 months and she is perfect, actually, she is a v****n, well behaved and very respectful.

The relationship is going very fine but I am starting to really think deeply and I may just break up.

Why? I have lived abroad for a while and do have a very serious phobia for travelling on Nigerian roads, her parents are on a journey of 4 hours from where I am and I understand the area is rife with kidnapping and robbery of all sorts.

I find myself obsessing over having to make that trip to her parent’s place and also have my family embark on that journey and I always shudder at the thought of it.

I am seriously considering breaking up with her and looking for a lady whose parents are here in the same city I reside, cos one of the things that gives me a serious headache is travelling on Nigerian roads.

Since I got back to Nigeria I have not travelled outside of the city that I am and it is because of how serious that phobia is.

But how do I tell her I am breaking up with her for this reason, it sounds very trivial but it’s a serious issue for me?