A man has disclosed how terrible his girlfriend’s makeup game is and how he has to endure the ridiculous way she applies her makeup on her face.

Here’s what he narrated;

“Joro Gud morning.. my GF doesn’t know how to apply makeup. Please how do I tell her to In a nice way? We are meant to go out somehow on Friday and I want to improve or don’t wear makeup at all. I prefer her bare face.

I prefer her to look like SU or born again that Omo alkin from Yoruba movie or aro meta. Hmm, I have endured what only Jesus can endure. My GF makeup game is very bad.

She applies too much foundation on her face, when she hugs you it’s like she does giveaway for makeup on your body.

My friends have complained, then her lipstick she draws a line like maybe she is aiming to reach her chin.

She buys cheap makeup like – makeup, like makeup. small sun her makeup will melt or you will think she is crying.

I give her money to buy. I had to call my ex in Lagos and ask how much her makeup is? I told my GF, my GF said is she a runs girl that she will spend much on makeup?

Please what can I do? She cooks well, she is okay as a person Just this makeup what to finish me.

This can’t be how life is Abeg. The annoying part is her friends are too wicked to tell her she is not doing it well. They will encourage to be a public masquerade 0 God.”