South African actress, Khanyi Mbau has revealed in an interview with Kaya FM radio host Sizwe Dhlomo why she only dates men in her tax bracket.

The media personality recently revealed why she goes for wealthier men and sometimes good looking ones.

Khanyi revealed that because of her past experiences, she is no longer looking for love when she enters a relationship. She went on to say that she goes for the money, but love can come after that.

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The thing about my relationships is that I treat them like I would buy a car or a house …. you know what you want in the house.

I know what my requirements are and I will not give in, she said.

In another interview with TshisaLive, the reality star was also quoted as saying:

‘So many people confuse relationships and say, ‘Ah, I’m looking for love,’ and after two months of the relationship, they’re looking for something else, and that’s why they’ll never win because they haven’t made it clear what they want.

The star recently made her relationship with Zimbabwean millionaire Kadzai Terrence official, providing fans with photos and footage of them enjoying their love life.

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On Valentine’s Day, Kadzai did something that only many can dream of after he pampered Khanyi with thousands of roses and also bought a gift for all her crew members.