Some even believe that 18 out of 20 men have committed at least two of these lies.

Men lie, women lie. Even kids are pretty good at this game.

It’s human nature… a way to get out of a difficult situation, it’s about deceiving people into believing or doing something we want them to do.

For men, the lies they tell are pretty unlimited. In their relationships with wives and girlfriends, 10 lies seem to be so prevalent that some now believe that 18 out of 20 men are guilty of these lies.

So what are the lies that men seem to love to tell?

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1. I am single

This is a very classic lie. Men seem to lie about their relationship/marital status all the time, and if you ask 10 women, about 7 of them will tell you that they have heard this lie at least once.

2. I love you

The reason for this is usually to get a woman to enter into a relationship with him and feel comfortable enough to have s*x with him.

3. i swear it’s all about you.

Says the man who has a side chick somewhere, and a baby mama who is pregnant with his second child out of wedlock.

4. “No s*x before marriage”

He’ll say, “I promise not to have s*x if that’s what you want,” but once you say yes and enter the relationship, things start to look very different.

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5. “I’ll just tip you”.

When a man tells you he’s “just going to put the tip in”, you know he really wants the konji and will say anything to get s*x.

6. “I’m not going to move. Just let me stick it in.”

Another lie like the one above.

7. s****l skills

Men are also pretty good at painting an image of themselves as ultimate love machines.

They whet your appetite and get you ready to open up to them…. But when the time comes to actually act out all the fantasies they’ve created in your head…. they’ll be done in 2 minutes.

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8. they lie about their whereabouts

For example, “I’m at home” when they’re out with the guys or staying at their girlfriend’s house.

9. lying about money

Unmarried men often try to impress women by lying that they have money when in fact they don’t.

Married men lie to their wives that they don’t have money when in fact they do.

10. your source of income

Kudos to the Yahoo guys and other people who can’t proudly say what job they have.