A Nigerian lady has shared her funny story of how she deceived her and made him pamper her so much while she was pregnant with her first child.

The lady identified as Princess Victoria Agu says she usually screams intentionally while she was pregnant, so her hubby would give her a massage and pamper her.

She wrote;

“I was pregnant and was exaggerating all the pains. I’ll just intentionally scream while making dinner and I’ll hold my waist, and hubby would run into the kitchen to carry me to the bedroom and massage me. I was just forming all the lies in the world and he would pet me so much.

So one day I told him I couldn’t walk well cause my legs were swollen. He had to stay longer in the morning helping me out.

I thought he had gone out and would not come back till it’s 5pm. I stood up immediately, turned on my favourite iyanya Kukere, climbed on the bed and started dancing.

I realized I had f****d up when I heard someone clapping behind me cause I was facing the wall.

“Well done madam”, he said. And I burst out laughing. He joined the laughter. From that day, I repented.

That was our first child. She’s 5 years now and very cunning. When she wants to avoid being sent on an errand, she’ll just feign to be asleep or to buy body pain and my husband will call me to come and see my apprentice.”