Popular comedian Debo Macaroni has taken to his Twitter account to show his righteous anger at his fellow Nigerians, especially Nollywood filmmakers for not giving better treatment to emerging talents in Nigeria.

Macaroni, who is firmly behind emerging talents in Nigeria, speaks on their behalf. He has urged that their services be paid according to value and not hoodwinked with false promises of publicity.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“Please let us normalize paying upcoming talents and also treating them with respect. Yes your platform will give them exposure, but people must be paid for work done. If we can ask the government to do better, we can also demand same from ourselves.”

“If you can’t pay upcoming Actors for their time and talent, please don’t disrespect them! That role you say you are giving them to help their career, if no one plays it, the production won’t be complete! Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.”

“Everybody wants to pay Upcoming Artists, Actors, Writers, graphic designers, photographers, models etc.. with exposure. Everytime, ‘I will give you exposure’.. Time to Eat: Creative: Give me rice and meat.. Iya Risi: Wey Money? Creative: I go pay with exposure.”