Man narrates a bitter experience in the hand of a pastor who told his aunt that he was the cause of the death of her child.

According to a Twitter user, @Unclebayotics, the traumatic experience left an impression on him which led to being kicked out of her aunt’s house as a result of her religious beliefs.

“When I was in 100 level, I was staying with an aunt. There was one time she became very religious because she just lost her last born then.

One day she took me to a ‘prophet’ and the prophet asked me to stay outside. I was outside but I could hear what they were saying.

He told her that it was not a coincidence that she lost her last born few weeks after I started staying with them and if I still kept staying with them, bad things would keep happening to her. She didn’t tell me or anyone about it.

She hated me immediately. That weekend, she called my mum and lied to her that I was moving with “street boys” and I was becoming very unserious so she should come get me.

My mum came to pick me because, of course she just lost a child and she needs peace.

I was depressed for months and I think that incident had a great influence on my personality because it’s been many years now and I find it extremely difficult to get close to people.

It’s the worst thing has ever happened to me and I haven’t told anyone about it till today,” he wrote.