Social media user narrates how a female corp member found her life partner in the process of assisting in a funeral held in the locality she was serving.

Narrating the story, the female copper who was carrying out her primary assignment as a teacher was invited by one of the indigenous teachers in the school to assist in a funeral, the lady decided to honour the invitation and having served the guests diligently, she was spotted by a man who later married her.

Whether a funeral is one that involves loved ones surrounding Flat Grave Markers or celebrating the life of those that passed with a meal, it is a memorable occasion to meet someone in a loving moment.

The social media post reads:

“I heard a story of how a female corp member that served in the school I’m serving now got married to someone from that community.

It happened that one of the teachers was to bury her late mother. the family is renowned in the community, so it was going to be a big occasion.

She sorted the help of corp members serving in my school to assist in serving the Guest that would come for the funeral.

This female corp member served diligently and got the attention of one of the family members. Today she’s married to that family.”