A man has narrated how he dated a woman with a twin, and how she usually switches places with her twin to sleep with him.

He revealed this during a discussion that prompted twins to reveal the best switches they ever pulled.

He wrote;

“I once dated a woman with a twin. I don’t know why but they got in their mind that they will switch places so I will end up having s-x unknowingly with her twin.

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So one night, I’m already in bed and she turns out the light to make it harder for me to realize their trick and makes up some last-second excuse to leave the room.

A minute or two later I hear (what I assumed was her) coming back into the room and climbing in bed beside me.

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So I slide down over and we start making out. We ended up having some mind-blowing s**. It was incredible. I’ve never gotten such passion from my girlfriend.

At some point in the night, they’d switch back so when I woke up my girlfriend smiled at me and asked me if I enjoyed it, I explained to her I’d been onto them the whole time. and that I knew it wasn’t her from the very start. She looked at me very shocked and asked how I’d known. I said, “your hands are smaller than his”.

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