Troubled man takes to social media to seek advice on a bizarre relationship he is having with a lady whom he had slept with multiple times in his dream even before they met.

According to a Facebook user identified as Shola Jordan Adeoye, he once had a ‘spiritual affair’ in his dream with a lady whom he has never met.

To the shock of his life, he met this same lady in reality and in no time, they got in a relationship and became intimate just like in his dream. The young man seeks advice on whether to continue or stop as he fears that she may be a demon.

“Pastor, there is this girl who always comes to b**g me in my dream every nite. I have prayed for months about it, but she refused to stop.

One day I was inside the bus, and to my surprise, the same lady sat behind me.

We connected, and yesterday, we banged in real-time. Is she a demon or my appointed wife, sir?” he wrote.